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If you have Acne, you probably tried everything, over-the-cunter remedies and maybe typical facials. However, until now you may be wondering why these remedies do not achieve the desired results.

This summary will help you better understand Acne and the many treatments options we have to offer.

Acne is not just a teen skin disease; in fact, many adults well into their 30’s, 40’s and even 50’s still suffer from outbreaks. It is never a good idea to “wait” for acne to go away. In some cases, scarring can take place which will become costly to improve or even irreversible. In addition to scarring, Acne may lead to low self-esteem or depression. Early treatment without a question is the best approach to control your Acne (also known, as pimples, zits, spots,).

However, before we go on to our treatment options, we must first understand Acne, and why it develops. Acne is a skin disease caused by changes in skin structures consisting in our hair follicle and oil glands. Acne occurs when oil produced in our oil glands does not reach the surface of the skin, but is trapped in the tiny pores or follicles. This oil or “pus” may close off the pores, causing the follicle wall to bulge, which creates a whitehead. If the pores stays open, the top surface of the plug may become darkened, causing a blackhead. In both cases, the bacteria in the acne thrives in the clogged follicles. When the bacteria and the pus leak from the follicles into the surrounding tissues, pimples are formed.

Now that we know that a certain Acne bacteria (P. Acne) cause Acne, we can conclude that one way to fight acne is to kill the P. Acne bacteria. Although this might sound easy, what makes Acne so difficult to control in many people is when the pores are blocked by dead skin cells. The combination of these dead skin cells and excess oil create a perfect environment for acne bacteria to grow and prevent oxygen from reaching the follicle. Fortunately, there are many options for people who do not want to take prescription medications or undergo aggressive medical treatments.

Whatever Acne condition you may have, we have many different combination treatment options for you to choose from. Here are some of the proven highly effective options:

THE BLUE LED LIGHT TECHNOLOGY: The Revitalight Acne System uses intense BLUE LED (light Emitting Diodes) to create an oxygen environment on the skin, while penetrating the skin intense pulsating blue light. Acne bacteria cannot live in the presence of oxygen---LED Blue Light Treatment immediately goes past the blocked pores and destroys the bacteria. Unlike the LED Blue Light, Acne creams or lotion alone cannot penetrate deeper into the clogged pores. This treatment can be use alone or best use in conjunction with our other Acne Treatment programs and equipment. This treatment is relaxing and pain free.

CHEMICAL PEEL: Depending on your skin type and Acne condition, we have many peels that can greatly improve your Acne condition such as: Enhanced Jessner’s peels, Glycolic peel, Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid, and other Designer peels. The right peel and their benefits will be discussed in detail during your visit. Most of our clients see immediate results especially combined with our LED Blue Light Therapy.

OXYGEN INFUSION: This powerful antioxidant treatment conditions the skin cells for improved tissue respiration, stimulates the skin’s metabolism to move toxins and destructive free radicals out of the tissues. This treatment helps kills P. Acne bacteria and leaves the skin glowing, clear, and healthy-looking. This is another alternative for people who cannot tolerate chemical peels. The oxygen is infused with an antioxidant spiked serum that helps to lift, tone, plump and hydrate the skin.

DETOX DEEP PORE TREATMENT: We use a special professional gel that effectively penetrates pores to dissolve impactions, kills bacteria, reduce inflammation, and remove dead skin cells to leave the skin hydrated, purified and clear. This special gel makes extractions highly effective and virtually pain free. Furthermore, this special gel can be used prior to our chemical peel which accelerates the effectiveness of our Acne Treatment program. This is another alternative for people who cannot tolerate chemical peels.

ULTRASOUND TECHNOLOGY: This high-tech facial uses a specialized ultrasonic/ultrasound machine that emits high-frequency waves. Ultrasonic treatments benefit a variety of skin types and can improve many common skin conditions.
In a treatment, the ultrasonic machine’s high-frequency waves work to:
• Exfoliate dead skin cells for clear and radiant skin without the redness and irritation that can sometimes result from Microdermabrasion or AHA peels.
• Loosen and remove oil, dirt and sebum from the pores and hair follicles, resulting in less blackheads and breakouts. Ultrasonic frequency zaps bacteria and decongests the pores, giving you clear, healthy skin with noticeably tighter pores.

Helps acne medication products do their job by penetrating deeper into the skin. Unless an active product is pushed deep into the lower levels of the epidermis, it won’t have a lasting, impact on the skin.

EXTRACTION: Let’s faces it, blackheads, whiteheads and acne are not a pretty sight. Our goal, therefore, is to extract your blemishes as much as possible. If you have ever had a facial, you've likely heard the term extraction. It might sound painful, but if done correctly, this simple and painless procedure removes pore-clogging sebum. With effective professional products and the latest tools, our trained clinical skin care specialist will extract your blemishes with little or no discomfort.

It is best to avoid the at-home extraction tools, and leave the squeezing to a professional-well trained licensed Esthetician.

EDUCATION: We believe that educating our client on how to take care of their skin from the inside out is the first step in obtaining a healthy skin. We will discuss the different benefits of the various Acne home-care treatments such as Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, Azelaic Acid, and other gentle and effective Acne treatments.
We will discuss the hierarchy of treatment options appropriate for your skin type and the severity of your condition, and work with you toward a clearer, more beautiful complexion.

Don’t let Acne hold you back from living your life---this time, try something that will really work for your Acne.


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