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Excellent treatment for tired, dull, post-op care, smokers, post illness, and other skin condition that require healthy restoration. This is also a good solution for people who just can’t stay away from the sun or tanning, but still want to maintain healthy skin.
Our unique approach introduces oxygen to the body through our Oxygen Concentrator Machine which delivers up to 98% of pure oxygen. A targeted supply of oxygen, water, essential vitamins, and anti-oxidants are delivered deep into the skin through either a fine mist or via an oxygen mask. The oxygen molecules are absorbed into the skin where they attach themselves to collagen and elastin fibers accelerating the production of new cells while removing toxins. This treatment has antibacterial properties, helps reduce inflammation, hydrates the skin and helps to restores oxygen depleted by aging, stress, smoking, and pollution. This procedure uses 98% pure oxygen, which is the ultimate in healing and anti-aging. The oxygen is infused with an antioxidant spiked serum that helps to lift, tone, plump and hydrate the skin. The entire procedure is relaxing and will leave you looking radiant and more than red-carpet ready.


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